Life Style of Rajasthan

Life Style of Rajasthan

Rajasthan life style look like in mostly in villages, The village females used to wear silver jewelry and ornaments on almost every part of the body to look beautiful and attractive. In fact I was quite fascinated by the turban, head dress of Rajasthani people. Surprisingly, they follow a differential pattern according to the geographical region.

Craftsmanship in entertainment :

Dance, drama and puppet shows are all avenues for the creativity of the race. The costumes and accessories of the performers are showpieces along with the show that is being performed. In one dance, the Kacchi Ghodi, men in elaborate costumes ride beautifully decorated dummy horses. In another form of entertainment called the Pabuji ki Phad, a phad or scroll artistically highlights the life and heroic deeds of a 14th century folk hero, Pabuji.

Craftsmanship in religion :

Even religion is incomplete for the Rajasthanis without a display of their artistic talent. Here, the worship of an incarnation of Krishna, the hero of the Mahabharata, took a special artistic form with the creation of cloth hangings called 'Pichwais' that displayed devotion to this deity. Today it is one of the most admired art forms of the region. Some of the finest carvings on marble, stone and wood exist in Jain, Christian, Muslim and Hindu houses of worship and are testimony to the importance that art has always had in the lives of the people of Rajasthan.

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Craftsmanship in festivity :

The numerous festivals of Rajasthan are almost a year-long celebration of crafts, involving as they do, processions of elephants, horses or camels, all bedecked in the finery of cloth spun and dyed the traditional way. It is also an occasion for women to present themselves in all the finery of their handcrafted jewelry and 'bandhni' attire, a craft specialty of the state. Puppets, which rise to an art from here, also play a role in many of the festivals. Whichever time of year you visit Rajasthan, you will invariably celebrate craft in all its glory.

Craftsmanship as life :

A special feature of Rajasthan is that due to its long and glorious legacy of arts and crafts, there are many communities that till today devote themselves to arts and crafts to the exclusion of any other vocation. Skills are handed down from one generation to another and refined, improved or enhanced with time. Whole families, communities and sometimes, entire regions specialize in particular art forms. For them art is not just a way of life.